Free And Confidential Legal Consultation

Tony Elman, Lead Attorney, Elman Law Group, LLC
Tony Elman, Lead Attorney, Elman Law Group, LLC

The Elman Law Group offers a free legal consultation to discuss situations involving Illinois nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse and to discuss legal implications.  This legal consultation is confidential.

This legal consultation is also available for harm and/or injuries that have occurred in other health care settings such as Illinois assisted living facilities, retirement homes, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), hospices, and hospitals.

Call Tony Elman, Lead Attorney at the Elman Law Group, at any time:

Phone: Cell phone immediate contact: (773) 392-8182

email:  [email protected]

Elman Law Group, LLC, is a Chicago-based personal injury law firm.  All cases are handled on a “contingency basis,” meaning that there are no charges for services unless and until you receive a monetary recovery.